About HuskerOil.com

In order to import data into your account on HuskerOil.com, your comma separated file (.csv) must contain these 17 items.
Arrange your spreadsheet in the following format. Do not include column headers (descriptions) in your file.
Each line should contain a Buyer or a Seller, but not both.
ACarrier name (ex. Elvis Trucking)
BCarrier number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
CMode of transportation (1 letter, ex. J (truck), R (railroad))
DOriginating state (2 letters, ex. UT)
EDestination state (2 letters, ex. UT)
FBuyer name (ex. Utah Oil Inc.)(blank for receipts)
GBuyer number (9 digits, ex. 987654321)(blank for receipts)
HSeller name (ex. Utah Oil, Inc.)(blank for disbursements)
ISeller number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)(blank for disbursements)
JDate (format M/D/YYYY, ex. 8/31/2010)
KManifest number (up to 10 characters)
LProduct code (include leading 0's, ex. 065)
MNet gallons (numeric, ex. 1500)
NGross gallons (numeric, ex. 1500)
OSchedule code (up to 3 characters, ex. 5XA)
PAirport code (3 characters, for schedules 5, 5X, 5XA only)
QProcess this load with a different month (normally 0)
Example file:
ABC Carrier,000000000,J,AZ,UT,,,ABC Seller,111111111,09/24/2010,C22X410,065,7892,9729,2B,,0
Daniels Trucking,870045701,J,LA,UT,Nationwide Pipeline,870024192,,,09/24/2010,B5698H1156,M12,11303,12366,7D,,0