About HuskerOil.com

In order to import data into your account on HuskerOil.com, your comma separated file (.csv) must contain these items.
Arrange your spreadsheet in the following format. Do not include column headers (descriptions) in your file. Unused fields can be left blank.
Columns AE through AK are used for Use Fuel Sellers only.
ACarrier name (ex. Ducks Trucking)
BCarrier number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
CMode of transportation (1 letter, ex. J (truck), R (railroad))
DOrigin city (ex. Salem)
EOrigin state (2 letters, ex. OR)
FOrigin terminal# (9 characters, ex. T93OR4456). This is always YOUR terminal# for 15A/15B/15C
GOrigin facility or zipcode (5-9 characters, ex. L1033556F, 97301)
HDestination city (ex. Eugene)
IDestination state (2 letters, ex. OR)
JDestination terminal# (9 characters, ex. T93OR4456)
KDestination facility or zipcode (5-9 characters, ex. L1033556F, 97301)
LBuyer/Customer name (ex. Oregon Oil Inc.)
MBuyer/Customer FEIN (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
NBuyer/Customer account (optional, ex. 23DY456)
OBuyer/Customer city (optional, ex. Portland)
PBuyer/Customer state (optional, ex. OR)
QSeller/Supplier name (ex. Oregon Oil Inc.)
RSeller/Supplier number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
SDate/Invoice Date (format MM/DD/YYYY, ex. 4/30/2015)
TDocument/Manifest number (up to 10 characters)
UProduct code (include leading 0's, ex. 065)
VNet gallons (numeric, ex. 1500)
WGross gallons (numeric, ex. 1500)
XBilled gallons (numeric, ex. 1500, Dealer only)
YSchedule code (up to 4 characters, ex. 10AC)
ZAmended (0=Normal, 1=Amended)
AAConsignor/Position Holder name (ex. Beaver Oil Inc.)
ABConsignor/Position Holder number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
ACBeginning Inventory for product (numeric, ex. 150000, 15C and PUMP only)
ADEnding Inventory for product (numeric, ex. 150000, 15C and PUMP only)
AECard number (Up to 20 characters, 5CRD and 6CRD only)
AFPump number (Numeric, PUMP only)
AGPump status (1 character, A(Active), N(New), O(ODOT Adjustment), R(Retired), PUMP only)
AHPlate number (Up to 20 characters, 10G only)
AIPlate state (2 characters, ex. OR, 10G only)
AJPurchase date (format MM/DD/YYYY, ex. 4/30/2015, )
AKCredential/Description (Up to 50 characters)
Example Dealer manifest entry (only need columns A-Z):
Ducks Trucking,111111111,J,Astoria,OR,,,,,T93OR4456,,Oregon Buyers,222222222,,,,NW Oil Inc.,987654321,01/24/2015,C22X410,065,1500,1510,1500,3,0
Example Dealer local manifest entry (columns A-Z):
Ducks Trucking,111111111,J,,,,L1033556F,VENETA,OR,,,Veneta Gas,234234234,,,,Gasorama Inc.,987654321,01/30/2015,C22X411,065,100,110,110,5LO,0
Example Transporter manifest entry (columns A-AB):
,,J,Salem,OR,,,,,T93OR4454,,Beaver Buyers,456456456,,,,NW Oil Inc.,987654321,01/29/2015,C22X412,160,1000,1000,1000,14C,0,Oregon Consignors,333333333
Example Terminal Operator or Dealer inventory manifest entry (schedule 15C):
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,01/31/2015,inv001,065,,,,15C,0,Eugenians Inc,555555555,15000,12350
Example Use Fuel Seller inventory manifest entries:
Example Use Fuel Seller manifest entry: