About HuskerOil.com

In order to import data into your account on HuskerOil.com, your comma separated file (.csv) must contain these 19 items.
Arrange your spreadsheet in the following format. Do not include column headers (descriptions) in your fi le. Unused fields can be left blank.
ACarrier name (ex. Big Sky Trucking)
BCarrier number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
CMode of transportation (1 letter, ex. J (truck), R (railroad))
DOriginating city (up to 18 letters, ex. BILLINGS)
EOriginating state (2 letters, ex. MT)
FOriginating terminal (9 characters, ex. T81MT4000, or leave blank)
GDestination city (up to 18 letters, ex. HELENA)
HDestination state (2 letters, ex. MT)
IDestination terminal (9 characters, ex. T81MT4008, or leave blank)
JBuyer or Seller name (ex. Montana Oil Inc.)
KBuyer or Seller number (9 digits, ex. 123456789)
LDate (format M/D/YYYY, ex. 7/31/2012)
MDocument/Manifest number (up to 10 characters)
NProduct code (include leading 0's, ex. 065)
ONet gallons (numeric, ex. 1500)
PGross gallons (numeric, ex. 1500, or 0)
QBilled gallons (numeric, ex. 1500, or 0)
RSchedule code (up to 3 characters, ex. 5A)
SProcess this load with a different month (normally 0)
Example manifest entry:
Big Sky Trucking,111111111,J,BILLINGS,MT,T81MT4000,HELENA,MT,,Montana Oil Inc.,987 654321,07/24/2012,C22X410,065,1500,0,1500,2A,0