About HuskerOil.com

In order to import data into your account on HuskerOil.com,
your comma separated file (.csv) must contain the first 23 columns (A-W).
Columns X, Y, and Z are needed for schedules MS and MG (blending schedules)
Columns AA,AB,AC are required for schedule DD1
Arrange your spreadsheet in the following format. Do not include column headers (descriptions) in your file.
A Invoice Number ( Manifest number )
B Invoice Date ( M/D/YYYY format )
C Origin City ( ex. Chicago)
D Origin State ( ex. Il)
E Destination City ( ex. Chicago)
F Destination State ( ex. Il)
G Schedule code ( Up to 3 characters, ex. S, D, SD )
H Carrier Name ( ex. BIG OIL TRADERS INC )
I Carrier FEIN ( 9 digit FEIN )
J Mode ( J for Truck, R for Rail, .etc )
K Net Gallons or ending gallons of product in blending schedule( whole number )
L Product code or primary product in blend (ex 65 or B00 (no leading 0) )
M Purchaser ( ex. Big Oil Inc. )
N Purchaser FEIN ( 9 digit FEIN)
O Purchaser License ( 5 digits)
P Seller Name( ex. Small Oil Inc. )
Q Seller FEIN ( 9 digit FEIN)
R Seller License ( 5 digits)
S BOL Number ( Bill of Lading, document number ) or end product code in blend
T BOL Date ( M/D/YYYY format ) or Blending date in blend schedule
U Filer License Type (1-dist 2-supplier 8-receiver)
V Tax Type (1-Mst free 2-Ust Free 3-Both)
W Seller License Type (1-dist 2-supplier 8-receiver, if col U = 8, this will be 8)
X Gallons of primary product (schedules MS or MG only)
Y Gallons of blending product (schedules MS or MG only)
Z Blending agent product code (schedules MS or MG only)
AA Fuel Usage Code (schedule DD1 only)
AB Purchaser Street Address (schedule DD1 only)
AC Purchaser ZIP (schedule DD1 only)

Example file:
657187,10/2/2014,Rockford,IL,Chicago,IL,DD1,Movers,113337042,J,890,228,Bobs,113338564,03532,Marco Inc.,123456789,40850,483,10/1/2014,1,3,1,C,605 MAIN ST,60606
657186,10/2/2014,Des Moines,IA,Rockford,IL,SD,Movers,113337042,J,892,167,Bobs,113338564,03532,Marco Inc.,123456789,40850,482,10/1/2014,1,3,1
657187,10/2/2014,Soldier,IA,Chicago,IL,SD,Movers,113337042,J,890,167,Bobs,113338564,03532,Marco Inc.,123456789,40850,483,10/1/2014,1,3,1
Below is a blending schedule example. Many columns are left blank as they may not be applicable to schedule MS or MG.